Type C

About type C

Pump chamber with three frequence converter driven screw pumps of 400 cbm/hr 10 bar each. Three full segregations whose pumps and lines are segregated and 6 segregations by double valves whose pumps are shared. All cargo lines in stainless steel 316 L and cargo tanks Marine Line coated. Stainless steel coils in all cargo tanks heating up to 90 degrees Celsius by means of twice 2400 kg/hr steam boilers plus exhaust boiler. Of this type of ship there are currently three ships in service.

According to customer’s wish, other type of vessel can be developed and constructed.


  • IMO II
  • Double-hulled
  • Double propulsion
  • 4200 ton dwat
  • Draught 5,60 meter
  • 4500 cbm cargo
  • Volume spread over 12 tanks and 2 deck tanks.
  • Class Bureau Veritas ; Deep Sea
  • Ice class IC
  • Propulsion 2 x 1300 hp Waertsila 6L20
  • Two times 320 kw Caterpillar generator sets
  • One 230 KW Caterpillar generator set
  • Bow thruster 250 KW