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About us

Seatrend Shipping BVBA was founded in 1989 by Captain Slobben. Seatrend Shipping is a continuation of Sea River Line NV, founded by Captain Slobben back in 1981. In the period 1981 to 1997 dozens of ships passed the revue, both for exploitation which mostly meant fixing the ships on long time charters as well as trade in ships and floating materials.

Our Mission

The number of ships for which full management was done consisting of bulk carriers up to 50,000 tons, feeders, heavy cargo ships and small tankers varied from 10 to a maximum of 16 ships. In 1997, for commercial reasons, all activities were relocated to the Netherlands, where a new management company was founded in Roosendaal, the Netherlands, Unifleet Shipping BV, from which the management activities were continued with the largest shareholder being Captain Slobben in the driver’s seat, who was in charge of the daily management of both the sailing ships and the various new construction projects.

Our History

At the end of 2002, Captain Slobben sold his shares in Unifleet to his former partners the Heuvelman brothers and, under the old name of Seatrend Shipping continued in the construction of small double-hulled IMO II tankers, first in Turkey and then in China. From 1990, under his management, 22 new-build tankers were designed and built including 1 small LPG tanker, a fully Stainless Steel (Duplex) tanker and 20 coated tankers (mainly with Marine Line). 

After a period in which the management for the not after commissioning sold ships was done by a ”third party” it was decided to start again an own management company in Dordrecht ”SE-TM BV”, management was done for owned ships only, on average 8 to 10 tankers. 

At the end of 2022 the management office and most of the ships were sold except ‘’Bothnia’’ and ‘’Katelina’’ who continued their long term timecharter with U.C .It is the intention to expand the fleet after new CO2 and other environmental regulations are more clear giving the owners the chance to choose  for the most environmentally friendly and  economical propulsion system.